Top 5 reasons to renew your CIPD membership

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Rachel Burnham
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Received your CIPD membership renewal? Thinking about whether to renew? Richard Phillips argues why you should.

You need to renew your CIPD membership if you want to retain your CIPD benefits. The importance of CIPD membership to HR and L&D (Learning and Development) professionals goes without saying. It’s a requirement of professional study and regularly plays a huge part in an individual’s career progression. So, you’d be surprised to find out that quite a few members take their time renewing. 

If you’ve received your CIPD membership renewal and are considering what to do, here are my top five reasons for signing up for another year:

1. You’ll retain access to global HR resources

The Student Resource section of the CIPD website has exclusive, member-only areas. These give you access to expansive reports, factsheets and other study aids that, whether you’re updating a policy, cramming for an exam or conducting some research for your latest assignment, are indispensible. You also get 70% off the cost of the online employment law and HR resource HR-Inform.

2. You’ll keep your status within the industry

Having professional CIPD membership means instant credibility within the industry – not to mention with employers. And it’s not just recognition you’ll gain. Many CIPD members find that their earnings increase directly as a result of their membership. Having the letters Assoc CIPD, Chartered MCIPD or Chartered FCIPD after your name can take you a long way.

3. You’ll keep your career in great shape

With access to the CIPD’s HR Profession Map, you’re able to keep track of the knowledge and skill requirements at each stage of your career. This helps keep you at global standard for your profession – not something you really want to lose. You’re also able to access My HR Map, which helps you to keep your career development on track.

4. You’ll gain all the latest knowledge

As you well know, the award winning People Management monthly is an indispensible journal, keeping you up to date on crucial industry developments as well as the opinions of HR’s biggest movers and shakers. Renewing your membership to CIPD means renewing your subscription to the magazine and its dedicated website – not to mention subscription to the CIPD’s own essential monthly HR round-up, In a Nutshell.

5. You’ll stay connected to your HR peer group

As a member of CIPD, you’re sure to have networked with plenty of people with interesting points of view at launch events, through our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter groups and online professional communities.

Of course, these are just my top five reasons. You already know the rest. It’s a lot to give up, even for a short time. So if you’re unsure and considering your options, I’d say do it now and make sure you’re not running the risk of losing out.

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