What is the best conveyancing course for beginners?

Wed 03 Aug 2022

Michelle Timms

Product Manager / Property Law Tutor

Conveyancing courses help you as a beginner to develop the skills and knowledge needed to work in the conveyancing field in the UK. 

To become a conveyancer, you need a professional qualification from the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). You can study a CLC qualification yourself or as part of an organisation’s training programme. However, many employers prefer to choose candidates who already have or are working towards their CLC qualification, over those who don’t.  

There are two courses conveyancing courses that are well suited to beginners: Conveyancing: An Introduction for Property Professionals and the Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice

Conveyancing: An Introduction for Property Professionals 

This short course gives you an introduction to the conveyancing industry and covers the basic skills and knowledge you’ll need to support entry-level roles. If you have no experience and little knowledge of conveyancing, we recommend enrolling on the introductory short course to build up your knowledge of the conveyancing sector. This will make it easier for you to pursue your Level 4 Diploma. 

The course itself is broken down into 4 modules which will help give you a basic understanding of areas such as introduction to Conveyancing, office skills and professional conduct, Freehold and Leasehold, and the actual Conveyancing process. It is designed for you even if you do not have any experience in law and to help get you onto the conveyancing track.

Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice

This Level 4 diploma course is ideal for you if you have little or no experience in conveyancing. You’ll develop the foundation knowledge and skills needed to work in the industry. If you don’t have a formal conveyancing qualification but are looking for a first role in the sector before progressing to become a licensed conveyancer, then the Level 4 Diploma is for you. You can enrol on the Level 4 course without any prior experience and little knowledge of conveyancing. 

The course is broken up into five different units which will help give students a basic understanding of areas such as the English legal system, conveyancing transactions and law revolving around land and contracts.

The Level 4 Diploma is perfect for you if you have little experience in conveyancing, but you understand the basic principles and procedures involved. This is a popular course for those transitioning to conveyancing from another property profession. 

As well as your experience, there are other considerations you need to take into account when you choose your conveyancing course, including:

  • Career Goals
  • Length of qualification
  • Cost of qualification

Can you do a conveyancing course and work full time?

Yes. Our online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is designed so you can balance your conveyancing studies with a full-time role. You’ll be able to access your course materials at a time and location that suits you.

Both the Level 4 Diploma and Introduction for Property Professionals short course require no previous experience or qualifications. However, if you have no existing experience and very little knowledge of conveyancing, we’d recommend completing the Introduction for Property Professionals before you enrol on the Level 4 qualification, so you understand the basics of the conveyancing process. 

Our qualifications in Conveyancing Law and Practice are highly regarded in the profession. Taught by conveyancing industry experts and offering a wealth of study materials and tutor support, we’ve helped hundreds of legal professionals qualify in property law. 

Call our Qualifications Advisors today on 03452 032 103 so we can help you decide which of our conveyancing qualifications is right for you. 

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