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Tue 30 Apr 2024

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Conveyancing is an exciting career where legal expertise meets property. If you’re looking to enter the legal profession, a career in conveyancing can be deeply rewarding.

Besides an average salary of £37,500, there are many more benefits of becoming a conveyancer, including:

  • High job security
  • A fulfilling, rewarding career
  • Flexible working options
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Global career opportunities
  • Further progression through upskilling.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of conveyancing, and how you can find your pathway to the conveyancing industry with a CLC accredited conveyancing course, this blog is for you.

What is conveyancing? 

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring property ownership from one party to another. If you’re selling a house, it’s typically your responsibility to hire a conveyancer to make sure all the legalities are covered.   

The role of a conveyancer involves various tasks, such as conducting property searches, preparing legal documents, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met before the completion of a property transaction.  

So, what does a conveyancer's role involve? 

  • Reviewing and drafting legal documents 
  • Conducting property searches to uncover any issues  
  • Liaising with clients, estate agents, and other parties  
  • Providing legal advice and guidance to clients 
  • Managing the transfer of funds between parties 
  • Handling the exchange of contracts  
  • Ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements 
  • Updating clients on the progress of their transaction and addressing any concerns 
  • Resolving any legal issues or disputes that may arise 
  • Maintaining accurate records and documentation related to each transaction. 

Now that we’ve covered the role of a conveyancer, let’s dive into some of the benefits of choosing a conveyancing career path. 

High job security 

The future of conveyancing offers the appeal of a career with high job security. Unlike many other industries which can often be unstable depending on economic fluctuations, conveyancing is always in demand.

Even though housing markets can fluctuate depending on the economy, people will continue to buy and sell houses, ensuring a steady stream of work for conveyancers.

It’s also worth noting that the job role requires complex specialist knowledge, so people will always require the expertise of conveyancers to navigate the legal intricacies of property transactions.

This demand for specialised knowledge and skills ensures that conveyancers remain sought-after professionals, providing a strong foundation for job security in the long term.

A stable career with room for development

With the property market constantly evolving and expanding, there's a consistent demand for skilled conveyancers who will facilitate smooth transactions. Not only does this mean you will have career security and stability, but you will have opportunities to aim for a higher salary and potentially earn bonuses. 

Completing the Level 6 CLC conveyancing course has been life-changing for me. With the skills and expertise gained, I've secured a satisfying salary in the conveyancing industry, providing financial stability and opening doors to a prosperous future. - MOL learner

A rewarding career

Conveyancing is a deeply rewarding career, with many meaningful experiences that grant personal satisfaction. Because conveyancers play a crucial role in helping people achieve their dream of owning a home, you can take pride in supporting your clients in accomplishing a momentous life goal.

Beyond financial gain, the emotional rewards of making a difference in clients' lives makes conveyancing a rewarding career choice for those passionate about helping others and making a meaningful impact.

Flexible working options 

With an exciting range of paths to take in the industry, conveyancers often have the freedom to choose their working hours and location, with many able to work remotely. This flexibility is appealing for those who want to balance work with family commitments.

Also, there are opportunities to work on a freelance or consultancy basis, depending on your preferences, experience and chosen career path!

Opportunities for career growth

Conveyancing is a career with lots of room for growth and progression. If you’re entering this promising industry, here are some career growth opportunities you can look forward to: 

  • Progression from junior conveyancer to senior roles, such as conveyancing manager 
  • Advancement to leadership positions, including partner in a law firm or head of a conveyancing department 
  • Specialisation in areas such as commercial property or international transactions 
  • Continuous professional development through further qualifications and training 
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurship, such as starting your own conveyancing practice. 

Choosing to do the Level 6 CLC conveyancing course was a game-changer for my career. It's given me the skills and confidence to excel in conveyancing and has opened up exciting new opportunities for me. - MOL conveyancing graduate

Global career opportunities

If you dream of a career that has global opportunities, a CLC conveyancing course is a great option, because it is recognised internationally.

Multinational law firms and consultancy firms are always seeking conveyancers who are knowledgeable in various jurisdictions and know how to handle international property deals.

Some of the vibrant cities that have a high demand for conveyancers include:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • New York City, United States
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Tokyo, Japan.

Continuous learning opportunities 

In conveyancing, professionals who want to upskill and progress in their careers have plenty of continuous learning opportunities through training and networking. This equips them with the knowledge to give better advice to clients and handle tricky transactions with ease.

Whether you’re just getting your foot in the door in the conveyancing industry or are a seasoned professional wanting to upskill, we offer a CLC conveyancing course that suits your learning needs.

With flexible study options, hands-on learning opportunities, career guidance (and more!) - we offer more than just a qualification. When you study with us, you gain practical skills and knowledge from industry experts, equipping you for success in the fast-paced world of conveyancing.

Get your conveyancing course qualification with MOL and enrol today.

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