Why CIPD Level 5 is the best way to advance your career in 2022

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CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is an independent professional body committed to improving working lives by providing the best guidance and training for those working in HR (Human Resources) or L&D (Learning and Development) roles.

CIPD Level 5 is ideal if you’re already working in an HR or L&D role and want to broaden your knowledge or support your experience with a qualification to improve your career prospects.

What CIPD Level 5 courses are available?

Both CIPD Level 5 qualifications cover topics on organisational performance, evidence-based practice and professional behaviours. However, each course contains specialist modules focusing on either managing employees or improving learning. 

Find out which CIPD Level 5 course is right for you.

CIPD Level 5 improves employability

CIPD qualifications are the gold standard for HR & L&D professionals. Achieving a qualification can significantly improve your career prospects when job hunting or looking for a promotion. 

If you’re looking for a new role in 2022, a CIPD Level 5 qualification can be the gateway to a wide range of HR and &D roles. While a CIPD qualification is not mandatory for a role in HR or L&D, many employers won’t consider candidates who don’t have (or aren’t working towards) CIPD accreditation.

CIPD qualifications are recognised internationally and the organisation has over 50 branches across the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar. 

CIPD Level 5 develops new skills

All CIPD qualifications aim to develop your knowledge and professional skills so that you can confidently carry out your role in HR or L&D.
A CIPD Level 5 qualification gives you advanced knowledge in areas such as specialist employment law and workforce planning so you’ll be able to excel in your role, pursue new projects and take on specialist tasks that support your career progression.
You’ll also be eligible to apply for senior roles that need advanced levels of knowledge and skill.

CIPD Level 5 opens up higher-salary roles

Having an advanced skillset means you’ll be able to secure a role as an HR Advisor, HR Manager or Learning & Development Executive. These roles come with a higher salary (£25,000 - £38,000 depending on the organisation) compared to those available to you at Level 3. 

CIPD Level 5 can be completed flexibly

Our On Demand or Live Online study options mean your CIPD Level 5 qualification can be completed virtually, so you can fit your study around work or personal commitments. 

These qualifications will generally take you 12 months to complete Why not make it your goal to achieve your CIPD Level 5 qualification by 2023?

CIPD Level 5 is a cost-effective qualification

An undergraduate degree in the UK will cost you around £27,000 (not including any maintenance or living costs) and takes three years to complete. 

Compare that with our CIPD Level 5 courses which start at £2,995, depending on your chosen learning mode, and take just 12-24 months to complete. This shows that a CIPD qualification is much more cost-effective (and time-effective) than alternative study programmes

CIPD Level 5 gives you  CIPD Membership

When you achieve your CIPD Level 5 qualification you’ll automatically gain CIPD Associate Membership which opens up networking opportunities, CIPD communities and tools to use in your role. A CIPD membership is highly valued and gives you:

  • Access to the CIPD community of other professionals
  • Access to local branches
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Career support and guidance 
  • Employment law support
  • Wellbeing helpline
  • Knowledge hub and journals
  • People Management magazine
  • Discounts and rewards
  • Entry to exclusive industry events.

If you’re considering a career in HR & L&D, or want to advance your career in your current role, a CIPD qualification is one of the best options to explore. MOL understand the HR & L&D professions like no other training provider. That’s what makes our courses great. Our tutors are industry experts and use a wealth of experience to bring your learning to life.

Call one of our Qualification Advisors on 03452 032 103 for more information and guidance about our CIPD qualifications and find out which level is right for you.