Why CIPD Level 5 is The Best Way to Advance Your Career

Wed 27 Sep 2023

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Do you want to elevate your skillset, or learn something new? A CIPD course may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

In the current job market, having a competitive edge can be crucial to stand out from other candidates in your field. When it comes to developing a professional niche to set your CV apart from your contemporaries, a CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma is the answer. 

Embarking on a CIPD Level 5 qualification not only equips you with the advanced skills and expertise you need to specialise and advance your career; it also offers invaluable opportunities for you to engage and foster connections with other professionals in your business network.

So, if you currently work in either Human Resources or Learning & Development and want to expand your career opportunities through education - read on!

What is CIPD Level 5?

CIPD refers to a qualification issued by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development - an internationally acknowledged professional institution in the field of People Management - which follows a tiered ‘Level’ system designed to accommodate varying levels of experience within the HR field.

MOL Learn offers CIPD courses at Level 3, Level 5, and Level 7; CIPD Level 5 is open to those already working in HR and L&D and leads to a CIPD Associate membership. This qualification will allow you to deepen your understanding of your profession and advance your career prospects with official recognition of your expertise. 

Which CIPD Level 5 courses are available?

If you're interested in pursuing a CIPD Level 5 qualification, MOL Learn offers two options depending on your area of specialisation: 

CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management (Level 5) 

In the CIPD Level 5 People Management course, you'll learn about relationship management, nurturing talent, strategic planning, and incentivising employee performance in the workplace. Completing this qualification will equip you with skills in fostering employee growth and organisational success. 

CIPD Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development (Level 5)

The CIPD Level 5 Organisational L&D course will allow you to develop expertise in coordinating different learning initiatives across your organisation. Learn how to encourage colleague confidence, elevate performance, drive performance, and promote development within your team. 

What should I know about CIPD Level 5?

Embarking on CIPD Level 5 is the next step for those who want to boost their skills, development, and expertise in HR and Learning & Development. 

You'll strengthen your knowledge of the field, discover new facets of people management, network with other professionals on the course, and enrich your skill set. 

So, what should you know before you begin? 

What is a CIPD Level 5 equivalent to?

In completing a CIPD Level 5 course, you receive recognition from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, accrediting your achievement of an elevated level of proficiency in Human Resources and Learning & Development. 

Accomplishing a CIPD Level 5 qualification also leads to a CIPD Associate membership. You can then move on to further specialise and pursue additional study of specific areas within HR and L&D. 

The CIPD Level 5 qualification is classed as an Associate Diploma, which is equivalent to a foundation or undergraduate degree in achivement and level of expertise acquired.

What is the benefit of a CIPD Level 5?

Achieving a CIPD Level 5 qualification comes with a host of benefits, in addition to a certified acknowledgement of your proficiency in the field.

One example is the undeniable credibility gained by attaining a CIPD Level 5 associate diploma, which can make you a more compelling candidate in the busy job market. As an internationally recognised organisation, CIPD certification is a valuable attribute to have on your CV. 

A CIPD Level 5 also equips you with actionable skills which can be transferred directly into your current role - or even a new one - to optimise your performance and help you deliver successful results for your organisation. 

How much do CIPD Level 5 jobs pay? 

Salaries for CIPD Level 5 positions can vary based on several factors; such as the specific role or company you're applying to, the industry or location you are based in, and your level of experience. 

Roles requiring a CIPD Level 5 certification (such as HR Manager, People Analyst, Employee Relations Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, etc.) will offer competitive salaries based on the responsibilities, skills, and expertise demanded.

Regardless, completing a CIPD Level 5 course elevates your qualifications to match more advanced roles in the field of people management and development, making it a significant accolade for those who wish to develop their skills and take the next step in their career journey. 

On average, salaries for job roles requiring CIPD Level 5 can range from £25,000 - £38,000; higher than those which do not require the same level of expertise. 

How quickly can I complete a CIPD Level 5 Course? 

On average, completing a CIPD Level 5 course takes between 12 and 24 months. With a variety of study options, you can attain the CIPD Level 5 qualification at your own pace - and in your preferred learning environment. 

Whether you're an independent learner who values total flexibility, a remote learner who enjoys a structured timetable but wants to work from anywhere in the world, or a UK-based classroom learner - MOL empowers you to apply your own approach on the path to success.

Refresh your career with MOL Learn

Are you ready to make professional strides and distinguish yourself as an expert in your field? Unleash your potential and unlock new career opportunities with a CIPD Level 5 qualification from MOL Learn.

A typical undergraduate degree in the UK costs around £27,000 and can take upwards of three years to complete. If you want to jumpstart your career without wasting time or money, a CIPD Level 5 course from MOL may be the answer. With courses starting from £2,995 and flexible study options, we give you the freedom to grow your skills - your way.

Enrol today and start your professional journey with a CIPD Level 5 People Management or Level 5 Organisational Learning and Development Associate Diploma

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