Conveyancing & Probate Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the links below to find out more about our Conveyancing & Probate qualifications.

How much tutor support will I receive?

You can access tutor support via the online forum, through assessment feedback and by webinars. Webinars available include an induction session, a pre-recorded exam prep session and a monthly Q&A webinar. Individual feedback is provided for the MOL mock assessments, while the forum offers peer support, as your cohort works together to help you understand the course materials and achieve your learning objectives.

How is tutor support be provided? 

All tutor support is provided online through forums and webinars.

Is tutor support provided in groups or individually? 

We provide tutor support, both to groups and individuals, through the forums, webinars and assessment feedback.

What does the price include?

Our price includes everything you need to complete the unit:

  • Digital and hard copy of the workbook
  • Assessment fees
  • A choice of assessment dates and submission dates throughout the year
  • Access to our online learning environment where you can 
  • Download exam and study skills materials
  • Ask questions of our online tutors
  • Watch live and recorded webinars 
  • Share and discuss your study with a community of peers 

When I pay for my SQA Diploma, will I have to pay for it in full at the start or can I buy each unit separately? Is there a way to spread the cost, for example by monthly/quarterly instalments installments?

You can pay for each unit separately. We also have a 12-month payment plan available if you purchase the full Diploma. Please call our Sales and Enquiry Team on 0345 2032103 if you’d like to discuss this option.

What happens if my employer wants to pay for my Diploma?

Your employer can pay for all of your units upfront or one-by-one. Please call our Sales and Enquiry Team on 0345 2032103 if you’d like to discuss this option. Please note that the ‘payment plan’ option is available only to personal payers.

Level 4 - There are no entry requirements for studying at Level 4. It’s not necessary for new students to have any prior experience, knowledge, skills or understanding of conveyancing procedure and practice. Level 2 English and Mathematics qualifications may be helpful. You're not required to be employed in a legal services job to study any of our diplomas.

Level 6 - You must have completed Level 4 to study at Level 6. 

You may be entitled to exemptions for previous study. Please check the following CLC website, via the link below, to access the most up to date information on exemptions:

You’ll need to provide us with proof of your exemptions which we’ll then process with SQA. It’s essential that you provide both your certificate and a qualification transcript, as evidence, before we can allow any exemptions. We are unable to accept one without the other. Please note there are no exemptions allowed for Understanding Accounting Procedures for Probate Transactions/Conveyancing Transactions at Level 4 or Level 6.

Purchasing a single unit allows you up to 12 months to complete that unit. If you buy two or more units, at the same time, you have 12 months to complete all the units you purchased. If you choose to buy the full Diploma you will have 24 months to complete all the units within the Diploma.

Once your enrolment has been processed, you’ll receive a printed copy of the course workbook and an email giving you access (with a unique user name and password) to the MOL virtual learning environment (VLE). Once you have logged onto the VLE you’ll be given full guidance on your study in the Induction section of the VLE.

Level 4 – The English Legal System, Land Law, Law of Contract, Conveyancing and the Wills unit are all assessed with a Final Unit Assessment by Assignment. A Final Unit Assessment by Assignment is completed in your own time and not under exam conditions. It must be completed within the timeframe indicated for that particular unit and piece of work.

Level 4 - The Understanding Accounting Procedures for Conveyancing/Probate Transactions unit is assessed using a Final Unit Assessment by Examination. This is a final assessment undertaken, under examination conditions, at an exam venue.

Level 6 – All Level 6 units are assessed by a Final Unit Assessment by Examination. This is a final assessment undertaken, under examination conditions, at an exam venue.

To find out how to obtain your CLC licence you should contact CLC