Why Should You Have a CIPD Qualification?

Wed 27 Oct 2021

If you’re new to the world of Human Resources (HR) or Learning & Development (L&D), you’ve likely read a lot about CIPD qualifications and will be wondering how essential they are to your career. 

The prospect of achieving a new professional qualification may seem daunting as there are  various financial, time-commitment and work-life-balance based reasons to consider. Therefore, you’re not the only one who has asked ‘why do a CIPD qualification?’ 

In our opinion, there are 4 main reasons to complete a CIPD qualification: 

  • Develop skills & confidence 

  • Improve career opportunities 

  • Earn higher salaries 

  • Gain CIPD membership. 

If you want to find out more about the benefits of a CIPD qualification, this blogpost is for you. 

CIPD courses develop skills & confidence 

At the heart of all CIPD qualifications, the aim is to develop your knowledge and professional skills so that you can competently and confidently carry out your role in HR or L&D.  

CIPD qualifications cover a range of topics in varying detail depending on the level of the course to ensure that you’ve got the essential knowledge at every stage of your career.  

Having a qualification to back up your experience can give you more confidence when speaking with team members or managers and reduce feelings of imposter syndrome.  

A CIPD qualification improves career opportunities  

While a CIPD qualification is not a legal requirement for a role in HR or L&D, many employers will not consider candidates who don’t have (or aren’t working towards) CIPD accreditation.  

CIPD qualifications significantly improve your chances of advancing your career and taking on more senior roles where more advanced levels of knowledge and skill are required. 

A CIPD qualification can teach you the following skills, which make you a more desirable candidate for employers: 

  • Talent management to sustain high performance in the workplace 

  • Advanced employment law 

  • Strategic reward management 

  • Best HR practices  

  • Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen 

  • Resourcing and working, and working lives in a changing business environment 

  • Strategic people management and development 

  • Management and development strategies 

  • Development strategies for performance 

  • HR management to sustain success 

CIPD qualifications increase earning potential 

As you progress, from entry-level roles to more senior roles, a CIPD qualification is often a required qualification by employers.  

While there is no legal requirement to pay a candidate more depending on their level of CIPD qualification; an increase in job responsibilities is likely to lead to an increase in pay.   

Those with a CIPD Level 3 qualification can earn up to £25,000 whereas those with a CIPD Level 5 qualification can earn up to £38,000, and you could earn even more with a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Management

Recruiters have also reported an average of £5,000 difference in the annual salary for qualified HR professionals compared to unqualified HR professionals in similar roles.  

Read more about the impact of CIPD qualifications on salaries

Gain CIPD membership when completing a CIPD course 

When you complete a CIPD qualification you can also  register for a CIPD membership. A CIPD membership is highly valued in the industry and gives you: 

  • Access to the CIPD community of other professionals 

  • Access to local branches 

  • Volunteering opportunities 

  • Career support & guidance  

  • Employment law support 

  • Wellbeing helpline 

  • Knowledge hub and journals 

  • People Management magazine 

  • Discounts and rewards 

  • Entry to exclusive industry events. 

A CIPD qualification demonstrates your professional ability and commitment to continued learning alongside providing a potential gateway to higher profile HR or L&D roles. Your employers, colleagues and clients will also likely have greater confidence in your abilities if you hold a CIPD qualification. 

CIPD qualifications are particularly worthwhile if you’re looking to begin a HR or L&D career or progress in your existing role.  

MOL understands the Human Resources or Learning & Development professions like no other training provider and will work with you to find the best route.  We have excellent success rates with all of our CIPD qualifications and our tutors are industry experts who use a wealth of experience to bring your learning to life. 

Interested in doing a CIPD course? Whether you want to do an Learning and Development course, or a Human Resources course, we are sure to have the right CIPD course for you! Enrol today.

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