How a Strategic HR Management MA Boosts Your Employability

Tue 08 Aug 2023

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HR is a booming industry, with employability opportunities across all fields of work.

Entering the industry may require formal qualifications like a Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice, however, if you’re aiming for the higher-level roles, a human resources masters qualification can get you there. 

With an average salary of over £76k per year for a director of human resources, these positions are awarded to those who have displayed a strong dedication to professional development, extensive work experience, and the qualifications to back it up.

Do you want to find out how having a masters degree in human resources boosts your employability and helps you secure your dream role? Read on.

The benefits of a masters in Strategic HR Management

Comprehensive understanding of HR strategies and practices

Gaining a masters in Strategic HR Management equips learners with a deeper understanding of HR strategies and practices. 

By gaining a deep understanding of strategic human resource management, graduates become valuable assets to organisations seeking professionals who can contribute to long-term business success. 

Proficiency in managing complex HR challenges

A masters in Strategic HR Management provides a deep understanding of the strategic aspects of HR management, enabling graduates to effectively navigate and address intricate HR issues within organisations. 

By developing advanced problem-solving skills and strategic thinking abilities, masters graduates are well-prepared to handle complex situations in the workplace. 

As a result, employers value individuals with this proficiency, making masters graduates desirable candidates. 

A stand-out CV

By highlighting your masters degree in Strategic HR Management, you demonstrate your ability to drive change, enhance organisational effectiveness, and navigate complex business challenges. 

This credential gives you a strong competitive advantage over other candidates, showcasing your commitment to professional growth, your capacity to take on leadership roles, and your potential to make a significant impact within a company. 

Professional networking opportunities

As a globally recognised HR professional body, the CIPD provides a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals in the field. When you enrol on to a CIPD course, you are immediately entered into their networking hub. Here, HR professionals can expand their networks and stay informed about industry trends.

This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your peers in the industry and keep them updated with your professional development, which can open you up to a wealth of opportunities. 

Exemplifies commitment to continuous professional growth

When you complete your masters, you are exemplifying your dedication to professional growth and a commitment to advancing your knowledge and skills.

The accomplishment of acquiring a master’s reflects qualities such as discipline and a strong work ethic, which are qualities that are highly valued by employers. This opens up a wealth of career advancement opportunities.

Career opportunities with a masters in Strategic HR Management 

With a masters in Strategic HR Management, you could open doors to the following career opportunities and many more:

  • HR manager
  • Talent acquisition manager
  • Organisational development manager
  • Training and development manager
  • Employee relations manager
  • HR consultant
  • HR director
  • HR analytics specialist
  • Learning and development manager
  • Recruitment manager
  • Diversity and inclusion manager
  • HR project manager.

What is the best way to gain your qualification?

Although you can get a masters degree in Strategic HR Management at university, it can be extremely costly, time-consuming and may not be backed by a prestigious awarding body such as the CIPD. 

While university degrees typically cost around £13,000-£15,000, you could complete our CIPD qualification and gain a masters in HR management for a fraction of the price, in just seven months!

If you gain your HR masters at university, you may have to take a career break due to the lack of flexibility. However, when you study an online masters degree in HR management with MOL, you can gain your qualification while working.

Enrol on our MSc Strategic HR Management course to accelerate your career now. 

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