Top reasons to study a CIPD course

Fri 16 Jun 2023

HR careers are varied and rewarding and can provide avenues for progressing and advancing to provide a longlasting career. Knowing how to achieve the right skills, knowledge and qualifications is critical when choosing the right path.

Here we discuss the many options available with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) when studying to further your career in this arena.

The CIPD is a professional body that accredits and awards professional human resources qualifications. Their aim is to uphold high standards of people practise and to educate HR professionals on the everchanging standard of good HR practices.

If you’re wanting to advance your career in HR, here’s why you should study a CIPD course. 

Why study a CIPD human resources qualification?

Enhanced knowledge and skills

The CIPD is the leading professional body to accredit HR qualifications. They have an extensive history of being HR pioneers, bringing new research to the table and advocating for change.

If you want to develop in your career by enhancing your knowledge and skills in HR, CIPD courses can provide comprehensive coverage of HR and L&D(Learning & Development) topics. You can use this knowledge to progress in the workplace, bring new ideas to the table and work through challenges with ease. 

Career development

CIPD qualifications are highly regarded in the field of HR by employers in the UK and across the world. If you have a CIPD qualification, you are more likely to be hired compared to applicants without a CIPD qualification. 

Increased earning potential

Did you know a CIPD qualification can lead to a salary increase? Those who have a CIPD qualification are more likely to succeed in securing higher salary positions and are more likely to be successful when asking for a pay rise. 

Networking opportunities 

The CIPD holds events for its members to network, exchange details and support each other in career advancement. If you want to network with individuals in the HR industry, a CIPD qualification is a great way to access the right networking circle. 

Globally recognised qualification

The CIPD is recognised as a prestigious qualification by employers across the globe. If you have a CIPD qualification, you can transfer your skills and knowledge to the HR industry in a different country and succeed in acquiring high level positions. 

Multiple education levels

Whether you want to access entry level HR positions or more senior, managerial positions, the CIPD has multiple different levels, from beginner, to intermediate to advanced. This makes it easier for professionals to gradually progress in their careers. 

What topics do CIPD courses cover?

Depending on whether you opt to do the CIPD Level 3 foundation certificate, the CIPD Level 5 associate diploma or the CIPD Level 7 advanced diploma, your course may cover some of the following topics: 

  • Personal effectiveness ethics and business acumen
  • Management and development strategies
  • People management and development
  • Resourcing and talent management
  • Evidence based practice
  • Strategic people management
  • Business research in people practise
  • Development strategies for performance
  • Strategic reward management
  • Work and working lives.

Why study CIPD Level 3?

The CIPD Level 3 course is the equivalent of an A-Level qualification. This course is perfect if you want to gain foundation skills and knowledge to get your foot in the door of a competitive industry.

Although there is no law which requires a HR qualification to enter a HR role, many employers favour candidates who have a qualification, as this demonstrates their skills, knowledge and dedication to the role. The CIPD Level 3 course will give budding HR professionals the qualification they need to offer a stand-out CV to employers and secure a HR role to begin their career.

  • Provides an introduction to HR and L&D, helping you develop a good understanding of the key principles and practices in the field.
  • Offers an opportunity to develop practical skills in HR and L&D, including recruitment, performance management, and employee development.
  • Enhances employability by demonstrating to employers a commitment to professional development in HR and L&D.

Want to begin a career in HR? Check out our CIPD Level 3 HR course

Why study CIPD level 5?

The CIPD Level 5 qualification is perfect for those who have had experience in the HR industry, but are looking to develop their careers even further. The Level 5 qualification is equivalent to a foundation degree and covers more challenging topics than the Level 3 qualification.

  • Develops knowledge and skills in HR and L&D to a higher level, enabling learners to become more confident and effective practitioners.
  • Provides a broader and deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of HR and L&D, including workforce planning, talent management, and organisational design.
  • Increases employability and career progression opportunities, as many senior HR and L&D roles require or prefer candidates with a CIPD Level 5 qualification.

If you want to progress further in your career, consider a CIPD Level 5 HR or L&D qualification. 

Why study CIPD level 7?

The CIPD Level 7 qualification is the highest level available. This qualification is of an equivalent level to a masters degree, and provides extensive, all-encompassing knowledge on the HR industry, giving those who want to access high positions the skills and knowledge they need. 

  • Develops strategic thinking and leadership skills, enabling you to operate effectively as an HR and L&D leader or consultant.
  • Provides an in-depth understanding of the latest research and trends in HR and L&D, helping you stay up to date and informed.
  • Enhances credibility and reputation, as CIPD Level 7 is widely recognised as a mark of excellence in the HR and L&D field, and often required for top-level roles.

If you want to access senior/managerial roles in the HR industry, the CIPD offers a Level 7 HR or L&D qualification.

Are you wanting to take your HR career to new heights? MOL offers CIPD HR and L&D courses that can give you the skills and knowledge you need to develop your career in the field. 

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