Progress online with MOL in 2020

Mon 06 Jan 2020

Angela Tracey-Brown

Product Manager - CMI

As leaders in professional training, we are always looking for ways to support our learners in their career progression.

In our mission to create innovative, industry leading, programmes, we have been continuing to build and develop our Live Online delivery to give you a well-rounded, supported learning experience.

Through our close interaction with learners, we have come across a number of assumptions that can cloud people's judgement when looking at their professional training options.

So to put these to bed, and to allay any fears you may have over online learning, we are holding a myth busting online learning webinar on Tuesday 21 Januarywhere we will discuss:

  • What we have learnt about studying online and what learners really appreciate
  • The positive reality of 'online learning' 
  • How our Live Online programmes can help to enable your career progression in 2020.

Myth busting online learning webinar

How we can help you progress

We are a training provider to professionals with over 35 years’ experience in delivering programmes, courses and learning materials that help individuals, teams and businesses to learn, develop and excel. 

To provide the best learning experience for our Human Resources, Management and Leadership, Project Management and Property Agency and Property Law programmes we are always looking for innovative and forward thinking approaches to help you progress with us.

Our industry leading online programmes provide a number of benefits to help individuals and businesses excel including:

  • Regular online webinars
  • Dedicated support from expert tutors
  • Up-to-date, industry relevant, content
  • Structured programmes designed to keep you on track
  • Learning resources and support on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

If you want to join us, on Tuesday 21January, as we bust some of the myths around online learning, you can register below:

Myth busting online learning webinar

If you want to find out more about our people programmes then click the relevant link below: 

Human Resources (CIPD)

Learning and Development (CIPD)

Management and Leadership (CMI)

Project Management (APM)

To find out more about professional training solutions for your business:

Corporate programmes

If you want to get further information or sign-up for one of our programmes then call one of our Programme advisors using the number at the top of the page.

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