The Secret Revealed: Win Instructions By Asking A Simple Question That Your Competition Don’t

Tue 29 Jul 2014

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Paul Jager
MOL Product Manager - Property & Conveyancing

How do most market appraisals pan out? We greet the seller, exchange pleasantries, inspect the property and then chat about the services we offer.

But, how many times do we actually ask the seller what they want from an agent? We assume we know, but how?

If we agree that all sellers are unique human beings with their own set of unique needs then how can we be sure that what we offer them is what they want?

Try this….

At the next market appraisal you attend, before you tell the seller about all the services you provide ask them this,

“Before I explain all that we can do to help you sell this property, could I ask you a question?”

The seller will agree because they are intrigued.

“What is it you want from the agent you decide to instruct to sell your property?”

Say nothing. Just let them think. They are unlikely to have been asked this by another agent. I guarantee that after a few seconds of thought they will have plenty to say.

Expect some obvious answers

“I want the highest price possible”

“I only want to pay X% commission”

But, after this who knows what they might say. Whatever it is you’re now head and shoulders above any other agent visiting them. You now know exactly what you need to provide to secure the instruction.

You won’t need to waste time on your usual sales pitch. Instead explain how you can meet the specific needs they’ve just highlighted and the instruction is yours. Why wouldn’t it be? You’ve asked them what they want from a selling agent, they’ve told you and you in-turn have explained how you can meet their needs.

Simple and very effective.

And best of all, sellers will appreciate an agent that lives up to their reputation for offering great customer service - what can be better customer service than being treated as a unique individual rather than just another property owner who needs to be persuaded to instruct an agent?

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