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Our courses are designed to give real world knowledge and offer a nationally recognised qualification.

Level 3 Award in The Sale of Residential Property 

Separate yourself from the competition and establish your career in residential sales with the Propertymark Level 3 Award qualification – the leading residential sales qualification for estate agents in the UK.

This qualification can provide you with the confidence and accreditation you need to stay ahead of the competition. And, MOL’s online support and workbooks are the perfect way to study.

How can a residential sales qualification benefit my career?

Armed with the right level of knowledge and skills, residential sales is a profession that allows you to work anywhere in the country, enjoy promotion opportunities, provide access into other property sectors and potentially start your own estate agency.

Whether you are new to the profession wanting to build a long term solid foundation in it or already an estate agency with aspirations of boosting your career forward, MOL can help.

What is covered in the Level 3 Award in The Sale of Residential Property?

You’ll study four units:

Unit 1: Health and Safety, Security and General Law

In this unit, you’ll cover the general concepts of law relevant to a property professional – including the historical development of the law as well as current concepts, relevant statute and common law.

Unit 2: Law Relating to Residential Property Sales

You will learn about the codes of practice, common law and legislative provisions that are specific to carrying out residential property sales.

Unit 3: Practice Relating to Residential Property Sales 

This unit covers how estate agents should conduct themselves when carrying out residential sales in compliance of relevant statute, common law and principles of best practice & ethics. It also deals with agents' actions in and out of the office when dealing with colleagues & customers and visiting residential properties.

Unit 4: Property Appraisal and Basic Building Construction and Defects

Develop your knowledge of legalities and factors relating to an estate agent preparing and carrying out property appraisals, including issues concerning valuation and marketing of residential properties. This unit also includes an understanding of domestic building construction and common defects, along with any remedial action available.

Study Options for the Level 3 Award in The Sale of Residential Property 

On Demand Programme £400 (Member rate £240) includes VAT

Fit your Propertymark Qualification study around your work and home life and study as quickly as you want to. Includes a wide range of high quality pre-recorded material to help you learn, understand and remember the course content.

A suggested timetable keeps you on track while a high quality digital workbook, podcasts, mock tests and pre-recorded webinars provide you with the necessary industry knowledge. Ask your tutor any questions about the study topics on the tutor moderated forum.  

Printed Workbook £400 (Member rate £240) includes VAT

MOL is preferred workbook supplier to Propertymark. Our workbooks are based on Propertymark Qualifications’ learning outcomes and assessment criteria and is the only workbook accredited by the awarding body.

While there are other books covering technical award topics, our workbooks bring everything together in one place. They’re more than just a programme workbook – they’re an essential guide for the property professional. After the programme, they’re yours for life, and they are the only award workbooks recognised by Propertymark.

We write the workbooks in a way that makes it easy for you to learn on the go. We break the information down into logical chunks and set out the learning objectives at the start of each unit, highlight key points and provide a final summary.

Each workbook unit relates to one of the final exams. We’ve included self-check questions so you can check your understanding of the material.

Property Agency Training for your Business

We also work with corporate clients to provide bespoke property qualifications for their staff. If you are a business with training needs for multiple staff, please visit our corporate page.

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"I found the course to be affordable, considering how much I learnt. It opened my eyes to how much there was to being an estate agent "

Deepa Sadula

Sale of Residential Property


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Course Details

These programmes are open to all. You don’t need any previous qualifications and you don’t need to work in the property industry to enrol.

The qualification may be ideal for you if you:

  • are an estate agent looking for a recognised qualification
  • would like to start a career as a residential estate agent
  • would like to return to the property industry after a career break
  • work in another sector of the industry, and would like to move into this property sector
  • are the owner of an agency and would like to increase your knowledge

You’ll study four units:

Unit 1 – health and safety, security, general law
Unit 2 – law relating to residential property sales
Unit 3 – practice relating to residential property sales
Unit 4 – property appraisal and basic building construction

When you’ve passed the four exams, you’ll gain a technical award qualification with the benefit of the qualification being a route to membership of a Propertymark professional body

  • extra confidence in your job role
  • enhanced career opportunities
  • more confidence in your role
  • a way to stand out among your peers
  • legitimacy in your customers’ eyes
  • satisfaction in having developed yourself professionally

For additional information about Propertymark Qualifications and examinations please refer to their web site at

Call our Programme Advisors on 03452 032 103 to request our simple application form.

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